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The neighbours’ group is an informal opportunity to come and meet people from Cleeve Prior and share experiences of our life in our village, with a view towards finding resolution to some of the day-to-day concerns we have. We seek to meet each other in the spirit of relaxed mutual respect and enjoy the chance to get to know each other a little better each month.  Everyone is welcome – bring something you like to drink or eat  (tea coffee is available) and a £1 donation for the Field Barn.

 Our meetings take place on the first Friday of the month – all welcome. Bring a £1 donation for the Heritage Trust and some food / drink to share. See you there....

 Here is a quick reminder what neighbours meetings are for...

 We meet on the first Friday of the month, to informally raise / resolve local issues which affect us all.

  • To decide what kind of neighbourhood we want and start to create it for ourselves.
  • To offer each other support where needed.
  • To enjoy each other’s be neighbourly!

This year we will see movement on the Neighbourhood Development Plan from the Parish Council, which will recommend where housing development / facilities could go in our village.  It would be good for us to start to think about these questions – our contribution is very important to the plan because it is about including everyone’s views

The BIG question is - What could we add, to make our life in the village even better?

At the meetings, we will look at any local issues which are yet to be resolved – ie, how are we progressing on the dog roaming issue? The bikes/quads? Is the bus stopping at the bus stop or still driving past the waiting passengers? How about speeding traffic – has it improved? Are there any other concerns we can resolve?

In 2013, we met every month and we focused on important issues:

  • Maintaining the speed limit on Evesham Road to 30 mph
  • Helping to get gates up by the village sign
  • Positioning an official bus stop with sign on Evesham Road
  • Inviting school children to create speed awareness posters
  • Maintaining good connections with neighbours from the traveller site and the main part of the village
  • Inviting PC Julie de Paris to talk about issues in our area
  • Gorilla gardening around Evesham Rd – voluntarily clipping back the hedges – litter picking the verges and clearing the paths from obstructions
  • Attending monthly meetings with the Parish Council to make sure our needs are taken into account during decision making
  • Having some residents from the Evesham rd area on the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Development Plan

We think it is very important to stay in good connection with neighbours so we can sort our local challenges in a friendly and easy way.

So, what can you do to create a better neighbourhood?

  • You could help by coming to a meeting, adding your views and meeting your neighbours.
  • You could help by inviting a neighbour to come to the meeting.
  • You could help by writing to the group and letting us know your suggestions for an improved neighbourhood.
  • You could help by getting involved in the Neighbourhood Development Plan / Parish Council meetings and shaping Cleeve Prior for the future.

Together, we can create a community we feel proud of.  Thank you for considering our invitation to get involved and a BIG thank you if you are already involved and came to the meetings in 2013.

Kind regards from your neighbours,


Previous reports 

Hello all,

Lots of exciting developments this month, not least of all the unusual experience of sunshine! Our neighbours meeting took place at Field Barn on the first Friday as usual and we had a good turnout. Nick Bury came from the Parish Council and made some good suggestions about how to continue keeping up the pressure on the 30 mph speed limit.

Lets see if I can recall everyone who was there...minute taking was never my strong point... : )

Duncan Harvey / Teresa Woodbine / Nick Bury / Anne Milton / Laura / Lorraine Roper & myself (Natalia) (apologies if I forgot anyone)

Topics discussed included:

The Evesham Road speed limit & how to enforce it effectively. We shared some lovely drawings from the primary school children submitted for our poster competition. They are photographed in Fridays evesham Observer on page 4, check it out on this link :
We also talked about making another Gorilla Gardening date. The idea is to clean up and make the road attractive with flowers etc. as another way of slowing traffic down .There was some discussion about cleaning up on the bridal path but we feel that a trailer will be needed to move the stuff out – the Parish Council kindly agreed to ask the council if they will help with disposal of the refuse. Teresa said Mr. Chadbain may be in a position to hedge cut back the overgrowth on the bridal path, we have yet to ask him.
The bus companies have been approached and are considering putting a permanent bus stop sign outside the cottages on Evesham rd.
We talked about the land near the caravan site (currently called CPO land – awaiting a more creative name – suggestions welcome!) how it could be best used and how to ensure that it is well-maintained.
Finally we agreed to take more of the village surveys into the traveller site to make sure everyone who wants to can have their say.

Then a few days later it was the Parish Council meeting. Teresa, Duncan and I were there and it was quite a busy night with new people elected onto the board and then the new local councillor turned up – a nice guy called Alistair Adams. The big news on the night was the PC voting unanimously against the original decision to support the rise in speed limit to 40 – their reasons included ‘significant local opposition to the proposal’. I think that’s us folks! ; ) Seriously though – we felt really pleased to have them on our side and the next day the Clerk Sean Arble wrote to the Worcestershire County Council saying they want the limit to stay 30 (with all our reasons attached to the letter). Alaistair (the new chap) then followed up with a letter of his own which clearly supported our decision to keep the 30. So, all in all, things are looking up! We just have to keep our fingers crossed that WCC reach a sensible decision on our behalf (at least they must know we care because the Observer news journalist contacted them again today for comment!)

Finally, Teresa and I had a lovely few hours talking to our neighbours on the caravan site, we also had a good number of surveys submitted – thank you so much to everyone who did one. Your voice matters! Speaking of which – the Parish Council are looking for two more people to join the team and they asked if there might be anyone interested from our side of the village...Teresa and I are thinking it might be fun to go and lend a hand...anyone else interested? Let me know and we can put some names forward.

I think that’s about it for now...we didn’t fix a date for more gardening, but I think we are waiting for the warm weather to come back...meanwhile I put some flowers out by the Field Barn entrance – at least they look sunny even if the sky does not!

So – have a lovely month – remember to check out the website for the village – theres loads of good stuff there – including the chance to upload your own photos!

Kind regards,
South Cleeve Prior Residents Group