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The role of the Parish Council in local planning matters is limited. Cleeve Prior Parish Council has the statutory right to be consulted on planning applications by the Planning Authority (Wychavon District Council) and will also be consulted on many community and planning strategies. The Parish Council does not "Approve" a planning application rather it can provide the Planning Authority with comments which may help the Authority to come to decision.

Relevant documents to the planning process in Cleeve Prior can be found here.

Due to the limited time available between the initial notice of a planning application and the target decision date, CPPC operates the Clerk's Delegated Scheme for Planning.  The appointed councillors meet to formulate comments.  These comments are then forwarded to Wychavon District Council without further discussion in council meetings.  Occasionally, the delegation cannot agree on comments or the Clerk may believe the application in question is too important to be decided by delegation. In either case, the application would then be discussed in a council meeting.  Should parishioners have concerns about current planning applications, they are welcome to contact the Clerk.