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The Cleeve Prior Players are a drama assosiation who peform a range of plays of different genres.

The players have put on a wide range of productions in the past and are looking to begin again following the great success of their Murder Mystery.

You do not have to live in the village to join and the players is open to all ages - whether you prefer to be behind the scenes or on the stage.

All idea and offers gratefully received.



At the Music Hall Evening March 2017

A variety of entertainment for your delectation and delight

Directed by Keith Richards

Accompanist Sue Hadrill

The Music Hall

I hope everyone who attended our two Music Hall Evenings had as much entertainment and fun as we, the performers, did whilst we were rehearsing! In my programme notes I thanked and named all of the hard working supporters who helped make the evenings possible, as well as the performers listed in the programme. 

Keith Richards Music Hall Evening Organiser



Margaret Greenwood Matthew Randall Tango and rumba          




Colin Bomford - A lost Welshman and a newcomer   


 The   Turner   Hurd  Girls  Instumentals and  Harmonies


Ken Cooper     Singalong                                                                                                       



Brian Taylor and Peter Sylvester    


 Diane Walker  


Life President Vic Bernie      2nd act                                                                                                                            



Band - revival 


 Bridgett Walker


The Usual Suspects




 Video snippets


Previous productions include: Oliver, HMS Pinafore, The Wizard of Oz