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Clubs and Societies in Cleeve Prior

There are many organisations and groups active in Cleeve Prior who are always glad to see new members. 

In no particular order the following groups are active:

Women's Institute 

National Women's Register

Cleeve Prior Golf Society

Friends of Cleeve Prior

Cleeve Prior Residents Association

Cleeve Prior Heritage Trust

Cleeve Prior Players

Village Ramblers

Pre-school Committee

Infant School Parent/Teacher Association

Cleeve Prior Whist Club

Cleeve Prior Bowls Club

Cleeve Prior Historical Society

Friends of St Andrew's 

Cleeve Prior Bridge Club

Cleeve Prior Chroniclers

Women's Fellowship

Apologies if any society has been omitted. If you would like to let the Webmaster know, I will be happy to add you to the list and provide you with a dedicated webpage . You can also contact the Webmaster if you would like contact details for any of the Clubs and Societies to be found in Cleeve Prior.