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Parish Council Members



Cllr Susan Robinson Chair 

Cllr Beverley Rhodes Vice Chair

Cllr Mary Smith

Cllr Hazel Stewart-Davies

Cllr Richard Lasota: 



Sean Arble, Clerk:

36 The Close, Cleeve Prior, Worcs, WR11 8LF

01789 490 501

Email:  Sean Arble 


Resignation letters

Peter Howe

Natalia Brown



Current Parish Council Roles

Chairman: Cllr S Robinson Vice Chairman:Cllr Rhodes

Clerk’s Delegation Scheme for Planning: Cllrs B Rhodes, R Lasota  

Clerk’s Finance Support Group: Cllrs B Rhodes & R Lasota

Bank Signatories: Cllrs S Robinson,  & H Stewart-Davies

Footpath Officer: Cllr S Robinson to liaise with WCC Parish Paths Wardens A Saunders & T Carr

Allotment Officer: Cllr B Rhodes

Perkins Educational Foundation: Cllr S Robinson

CALC Area Representatives: Cllr H Stewart-Davies

War Memorial Hall Management Committee: Cllr H Stewart-Davies

ASB Working Party: Cllrs H Stewart-Davies & R Lasota

NDP Working Party: Cllrs S Robinson & R Lasota

S106 Working Party: B Rhodes


Wychavon District Council Member

Richard Lasota: 01386 832 772; email:


Worcestershire County Council Member

Alastair Adams: 01789 721 227; email:


Member of Parliament

Nigel Huddlestone MP



There is a maximum of seven councillors on Cleeve Prior Parish Council including the Chairman. A minimum of three are required to make a meeting official and therefore vote on any matter. When the council has a strength of less than seven, it is also possible to be co-opted onto the council. This is a process where councillors can be nominated without an election. Their names are put forward to a vote in a council meeting and, as long as a majority of the existing members of the council agree then the co-option take place.
Sean Arble is the clerk to the council who is a paid part-time employee of the council.

Any parishoner who wishes to, can contact the council through the via the Have your Say page.

Alternatively the clerk can be contacted directly below:

Sean Arble
36 The Close
Cleeve Prior
WR11 8LF
01789 490 501