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Name: Vicki Garthwaite

Feedback: Hi there,

I hope you are well and enjoying the beautiful weather! My name is Vicki and I work for Broadband Genie, an impartial broadband comparison and internet advice website. 

I noticed you have a section for superfast broadband and wondered if you might consider adding us as a useful resource so that people can compare deals in the local area and find the best one for them? Our site also has lots of helpful guides and advice on all things broadband:

We'd be thrilled to be added to your site and I look forward to hearing from you.


Vicki Garthwaite / PR and Marketing Executive
Broadband Genie
0844 415 5531
Carlyle House, Carlyle Road, Cambridge, CB4 3DN


8th August 2015

Name: David Baldwin

Feedback: I am delighted to pass on the news that it is now possible to have SuperFast Broadband in Cleeve Prior. My broadband speed has risen from 3 mb/s to 37 mb/s and was installed in a little over a week.

21st June 2015

Name: J Halbert

Feedback: Comment on build/ garage view  Hell's teeth!  It must be like living next door to 'Cell Block H' 

27th February 2015


Evenings, Holidays and Weekends!
Regular or one off!
We are currently raising money for a school trip to Swaziland, South
Africa. On our expedition we will be helping to develop a local
community as well as building important life skills.
£5 an hour for babysitting
£3 an hour for dog walking
Any extra donations would be greatly appreciated!
Please call 07445 879856 for more Information or to book a place.
Please help us to make this dream a reality!
The girls offering these services are 15/16 years old and attend
Alcester Academy.


6th January 2015

Name David

Feedback: Villagers who are on a high fibre diet will have extra fibre soon courtesy of British Telecom but not in your diet but for faster internet. You will all have noticed in the last week the temporary traffic lights on the way to Bidford on Avon. These were to enable OpenReach (BT) to install the micro ducts that will contain the fibre cable which will deliver the improved internet. The fibre will be blown through to micro ducts using compressed air and a replacement cabinet installed in the village during the next few months.

Faster internet will enable for example very high quality video communication with your families around the world using Skype or Facetime, high definition catch up television and if we are lucky ultra high definition televised sporting events. 

7th September 2014
Name Denise
Lost hat
Name: Denise
Feedback: Hello I have lost a khaki green Tilly hat if anyone finds it please
let me know Thanks Denise


Name: David Baldwin

Feedback: Superfast Broadband is moving closer to Cleeve Prior. The Warwickshire Rolling 12 Month Plan has Bidford On Avon Exchange scheduled for Superfast Broadband during December 2014 after the exchange is upgraded each local cabinet will need to be replaced and fibre pulled through the ducts from the exchange. I am not sure whether Warwickshire will use their funding to change the cabinets in Cleeve Prior; we shall see. I know Kirk, Paul and myself will be near the front of the queue to join this 21st century revolution.


3rd June 2014

From: Sarah Taylor

Subject: Website Form: Comment on the NDP


NDP: Dear Sir/Madam, the Homes and Communities Agency has been trying to reply
to a consultation letter you sent to Chris Baker (HCA), using the email address
provided, but are having email failure reports. My name is Sarah Taylor, and I
am on leave from today until 24 June but will send you a response on my return,
if you could provide me with an email or postal address? My email is Kind Regards, Sarah Taylor


21st March 2014

Name: Paul Wadsworth

Feedback: Hi, I'm new to the village my better half Liz and I moved in at
the start of this year. I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I
have noticed lots of updates on areas getting faster broadband but Cleeve
Prior seems to be forgotten. As I have periods where I work from home it
is important to have a reasonable broadband speed so this has meant
reduced amount of time doing this. Does the parish council know when we
are likely to be upgraded??


 14th February 2014
Name: David Baldwin
Feedback:  Kirk, I can identify with your frustration with village infra-structure. I looked at using satellite for the internet which at one time was seriously expensive but now is just expensive. As you have discovered you can sort of get a fast connection but latency and the speed variability stopped me from going down that route. I live in The Close and my speeds are just about usable with about 3mb/s most of the time; HD video streaming can be had after a fashion. Other parts of the village are can be sub 0.5Mb/s which is only fit for email and web pages that are not too data hungry. The situation may not improve as we live in Worcestershire and our exchange is in Warwickshire and the rural internet initiative is County based. We need fibre from Bidford on Avon to a new cabinet in the village. I also suffer from mains voltage which is frequently above the 255 volts permitted maximum. I use an UPS to safeguard my computer equipment and a voltage regulator for other electronic equipment. Light bulbs don't last as long as they should.
Welcome to Cleeve Prior


11th February 2014

Name: Kirk McElhearn
Feedback: I recently moved to Cleeve Prior. I'm a tech journalist, and needed broadband access for my work. Unfortunately, I had to fall back on satellite internet, an expensive and imperfect solution.
I wrote about this for Macworld magazine, and I thought it might interest you, if the poor state of broadband in this area is one of your concerns:
31st December 2013
Name: Phil Bannister
Feedback: I have just received the disturbing Rooftop flyer stating its intent to submit a planning application to develop six social housing dwellings to the south of The Close.  As a concerned parishioner I am compelled to remind the Council of the resolutions it made during the summer of 2012.  Sensibly, the Council decided it would strongly oppose the planning application when submitted and engage a professional consultant to help ensure this was done as effectively as possible.  As the composition of the Council has changed significantly since the original decision was made, I shall restate the reasons why the Council should act now in support of its 2012 resolutions. Click here to read the full letter

21st June 2013
Name: Duncan Yapp

Feedback: church yard mowing at 05.30 !!!!!! the old man who cuts the grass at cleeve prior church needs to stay in bed for a couple of hours longer . he arrived at 05.30 on the green threw is toys out the pram making lots of noise just because my mother had her car parked outside her house . he woke most of the residents of the green up by driving dangerously up and down the green before parking in the church yard,{mother went out at 05.45 and moved her car so it wouldn't get damaged} then he started mowing to make sure anyone still asleep were soon very awake plus I do believe there is a law about noise pollution. Sort him out cleeve prior


18th June 2013
Name: Angela
Message:Please could everyone look for George. He went missing yesterday afternoon. He is 18 months old, has no collar but is microchipped.
He is black and white with a distinctive black chin and a black spot on his nose. In the light of Anne's cat tragedy, we are worried to death about him.
Please call any time. 01789 774002

15th June 2013
Name: Lilya
Message: I would like to thank all the people that supported and organised the Cleeve Prior Community Games.
My family and I had a brilliant time.

15th June 2013
Name: Eleana
Feedback: Please may you add a little bus shelter on the other side of the road (towards Bidford) because whenever I wait for the bus and it is raining, I get soaked!

3rd June 2013
Name: Anne Milton
Message:Yesterday evening a roaming akita came through my lean-to and killed my elderly cat who was sunning himself. Neither the dog warden nor the police would come out. Please keep a close watch on small pets, this dog jumps fences and hedges and it kills for fun.

8th April 2013
Name: Paul
Feedback: I would like to thank the Heritage Trust and The WI for a wonderful time my Family had in the Easter Egg hunt. Its was a cold day but all the Children had a wonderful time. The Heritage do a wonderful job and I hope the rest of the village support them. Paul

4th April 2013
Name: Barry Sheen
Feedback: In the introduction to the Cleeve Prior Neighbourhood Development Plan, Nick Bury states (at end of 5th paragraph)...."You can also post replies at the Kings Arms or via the website" and that's what lead me to seek an interactive version of the plan - so I can post my reply. Have I misunderstood something ?

3rd April 2013
From: David Baldwin
Feedback: Further to the Superfast Broadband Subject - I have performed a speed test using the tool now listed on the Cleeve Prior website and achieved these results shown on this link I am located in The Close. I have an ADSL Splitter (little square box) plugged straight into the main telephone socket for the house, with a data cable which goes straight to the ADSL router plugged into the data socket on the splitter and all the telephone system plugged into the telephone socket on the splitter. If you do not understand what I am talking about I can show you what is required. This should give the best speed for your connection.

1st April 2013
From: David Baldwin
Feedback: Internet speeds in Cleeve Prior are abysmal. They seem to deteriate as you move towards the Evesham end of the village, such that some people have only 0.23 mb/s, which is only suitable for email. The other end of the village can receive 3mb/s which would allow say Youtube videos at 720p HD and this assumes only one person using the connection. If we want to change this situation then we need to register on the following website follow the "vote for broadband" link.
The Worcestershire Council have set a target that each community must reach before they are deemed to be interested in Superfast Broadband and our target is 96 households. In the Febuary Worcestershire Superfast Broadband Newsletter only 8 households had registered an interest in Superfast Broadband and the 50% target requires 96 households in Cleeve Prior to register; without at least 96 households registering we will never be considered. Incidentally South Korea has average speeds of over 80mb/s and France 50mb/s, makes you think doesn't it.
Response: We would like to do a Broadband survey on the site home page where visitors could add their speeds and who the provider is. Then a map of the village to see where the broadband is the fastest and slowest. Watch this space. Paul

1st April 2013
From: Natalia Brown
Feedback: Wow - thanks for the add on the events calender for the Res group - I posted a few pics of our gorilla gardening for your amusement....N x
Response: Photos now added to the gallery. Thanks

29th March 2013
From: Natalia Brown
Feedback: Hey folks...nice website - clear and easy to navigate. Well done. N x
Response: Thanks for the feedback; the more visitors contributing the better the site will be used.

28th March 2013
From: G Jones
Feedback: In this months newsletter, there is a copy of the proposed neibourhood plan for completion and return. It says that you can return it via the Kings Arms or the website, but I've just searched the site and can't find it. Or do you assume we have all got scanners to retun copies via e-mail?
Response: Dear G Jones the Cleeve Prior Neighborhood Development Plan Questionnaire, can be found under announcements. I will get a link on the home page so it should be better to find. The questionnaire is a pdf file so you can print it off. Hope this helps Paul

28th March 2013
From: Barry Sheen
Feedback: I can find an interactive version of the Neighbourhood Development Plan on this website yet the introduction to the Plan says one can post a reply here ? Where is it please ? Thanks
Response: Barry thank you for your feedback, I cant see where it says there is an interactive version of the NDP. If you can tell me where it says there is one i will have a look many thanks Paul

28th March 2013
From: G L Jones
Feedback: Just had a thought about the broadband issue. You're encouraging people to lobby Worcester CC about the BB speed, and quite rightly so. But shouldn't we be directing the campaign more towards Warwickshire CC as we are on the Stratford exchange and get our connections that way?
Response: G L Jones, thank you for your feedback yes your are right Cleeve prior is fed from the Bidford exchange which is in Warwickshire. We will always have slow speeds in our village because of the distance to the exchange. There is a lot you can do to improve your speed in your home. I recommend you go to the Bidford upon Avon website where they have a Survey on Superfast Broadband for Warwickshire and fill that in. Hope that helps Paul