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 An extract from the February Parish Magazine...

It has become apparent to the Council that it could do better at communicating with parishioners. To rectify this shortcoming, the Council is currently investigating methods of creating a website that is the primary source of information in the village. To help the Council in understanding the benefits of Social Media, Ms Helen Coldicott was on hand at the December meeting. The discussion was very informative and Social Media will be an area to explore when the new website is eventually launched.

The Cleeve Prior Parish Council has built this new website, but to make it useful and inclusive, the Council need parishioner support and feedback. It is the hope of the Council that all parish groups/clubs/organizations have a presence on the site; perhaps with a separate page each.

Social Media platforms such as a Facebook page and a Twitter account are also under consideration. These media platforms would work for our village in many different ways:

Information could be communicated to village residents; whether it is statutory information about local elections, how to buy tickets for an event in the village hall, contacts for local taxi hire companies, where to buy firewood or when the missed bin collection will be!

Village communities are changing. Many people with busy lives are finding there is less opportunity to discover information by ‘word of mouth’.
Communication is essential to maintain and promote community spirit. To maintain this vibrant and cohesive community and ensure that everyone has a sense of belonging; we need a more inclusive means of transmitting local news. Efficient communication is needed to respond to emergencies such as flooding, serious weather events, flu epidemics etc.

Although our village can provide a refuge from the world of media and mass communications, there are still times when local groups and organisations may need to tap into local channels of communication to promote events, publicise opportunities and consult with local residents.
Village websites are a means by which ‘ex pats’ and others can keep in touch from anywhere in the world.

To discuss how to create a page and/or link to an existing website or to discuss what would be useful for the site, the Council invites any group/club/business to get in touch with Cllr Paul Turner.

Alternatively click on the Have your Say page and let us know your ideas.

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